Welcome to Tartu Ashtanga Yoga School!

Please feel free to join our classes, see the info below and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.





Tartu, Kastani 42, no. 2 stairwell (0 floor)


House rules of Tartu Ashtanga Yoga School

We are happy to welcome you. Here is a little reminder for you. So that we can practice well and safely
– We have a monthly fee by each calender month and we count the season from September 1
to August 31.
– Only in July and August, the membership fee is 20 euros per calendar month. There is no
membership fee for summer camp participants in July. For students joining the partial class
schedule in August, the membership fee is not added to the monthly fee.
– Monthly fee 50 euros. Includes 1-5 yoga lessons in one calendar month. The student is
registered for one specific class, which can be followed in another class during the same
calendar month. Individual absences will not be deducted from the monthly fee and will not be
carried over to the next calendar month.
– Monthly fee 75 euros. Unlimited yoga classes. The student is registered for 2-4 hours a week.
The same monthly fee applies every month, regardless of which month the student can attend
less. A student with a higher monthly fee has more freedom in choosing his lessons and better
support from teachers in the form of contact education. As a general rule, you can’t go back and
forth with the selected monthly fee.
– If you cannot come to class, please let the teacher know. Write to ashtangajootartu@gmail.com
and both teachers will receive the information. Attending is important for your fellow students,
the teacher and yourself. With your presence, you support the group energy.
– If the student no longer wishes to attend the yoga school, please notify us at least 30 days in
advance. The month of notification is due.
– We ask that you pay the monthly fee by the 10th day of each calendar month. Possibility to pay
the monthly fee in cash or by invoice.
– We accept new and former students to the yoga school only through an individual lesson or a
beginner’s course. In an individual lesson, the teacher can get the necessary information about
the student and pass on the knowledge necessary for practicing ashtanga-vinyasa yoga. After an
individual lesson, it is easier for a student to start in a group. Students who have a break need an
individual lesson so that the teacher can see where to continue teaching and what future goals
to set.
– Enter the yoga school quietly and leave your outdoor shoes at the door.
– Come to the guided lesson 10 minutes early.
– The yoga school has mats and blankets.
– It is possible to store your personal mat, how to store with a yoga mat bag.
– Please keep the mat shelves tidy.
– The yoga school has a washing facility and a changing room.
– Take a small towel with you to clean your mat later.
– With less than 4 participants, the Ashtanga yoga class will be self-practice.
– Ashtanga yoga classes during Moon Day, depending on the day (6.30/ 9.00/17.30/18.45
pranayama and guided class)
– The yoga student is added to our contact list and receives newsletters. Please click on the
pictures and read the letters carefully.
– It is possible to request a lesson online, Google meet. Inform the teacher about that 1 day in advance. – Individual training – pay for the private lesson in advance by bank transfer, the 24-hour
cancellation rule applies. There is no refund in case of no-show.

CONTACT: √úlle 5253203, Evelyn 56844766